Momoi Lure Soul Cast PE 150 m 0.16 mm 9 kg

Momoi Lure Soul Cast PE 150 m 0.16 mm 9 kg

Catalog number: #1, EAN code: 4571443125651, Product code: 7628

Brand: Momoi, Warranty: 24 months

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The Momoi Lure Soul Cast PE braided line is a novelty from the Japanese manufacturer Momoi. It has both enough flexibility and enough suppleness. New unprecedented braiding technology decreases the troubles like flatted line, sodden line, and broken line while fishing. You can cast without any trouble not only by spinning reel but also by bait casting reel which tends to make line trouble. This PE braided line is specialized for casting game. The new developed “Triple Silicone Coating" realizes “Further", “Stronger", and “Smoother" casting due to decreased friction on the guides.

Braided from 8 threads, spool 150 m, color orange with a mark every 25 m

Japanese markings Diameter Load capacity
#0.4 0.10 mm 4.1 kg / 9 lb
#0.6 0.12 mm 6.8 kg / 15 lb
#0.8 0.14 mm 8.1 kg / 18 lb
#1 0.16 mm 9 kg / 20 lb