Jackall Deracoup 28 mm 14 g HL Spark Shad

Jackall Deracoup 28 mm 14 g HL Spark Shad

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Brand: Jackall, Warranty: 24 months

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In our opinion, Jackall Deracoup is one of the best tailspiners in the world. The Deracoup has a compact, very heavy body that has placed most of its weight in front. Thanks to that, you can cast with it into great distance, even in a very strong wind. Deracoup's small body makes it easier for fish to suck in the bait, so you can successfully turn most bites. The Colorado rotary plate on a high-quality swivel spins even at the slowest speeds and emits a huge amount of vibration.

Jackall Deracoup can be used in several ways. By simply reeling the bait, or by jumping on the bottom in same style as when fishing with soft baits - these methods are very effective for fishing perch, zander and pike. It also works great when reeling a little below the water surface or in a water column. Thanks to that, it is one of the most universal baits that has saved us in several fishing competitions.

Properties - length: 28 mm, weight: 14 g (1/2 oz), hook size: #8