DECOY WL-10 Taiga Leader #12 22 kg

DECOY WL-10 Taiga Leader #12 22 kg

Catalog number: 830482, EAN code: 4989540830482, Product code: 7445

Brand: DECOY, Warranty: 24 months

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DECOY WL-10 Taiga Leader is a fluorocarbon leader invisible in water, at the same time it is strong enough to withstand pike teeth. The leader is 50 cm long, with a loop at one end and a DECOY V-Snap snap at the other. The leader can be attached directly to the line or connected to the line using a no-knot connector. Made in Japan!

Package contains 2 pcs.

Size Load capacity
#12 22 kg (48 lb)
#16 29 kg (64 lb)