DECOY Treble Y-F33F #7

DECOY Treble Y-F33F #7

Catalog number: 825099, EAN code: 4989540825099, Product code: 7437

Brand: DECOY, Warranty: 24 months

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DECOY Treble Y-F33F is a series of extra fine treble hooks with a wire diameter of 1X. The treble hooks have a special Silky Coat finish - thanks to which they have a very low coefficient of friction and the easily pierce fish mouth. The hooks have micro-barbs, which are more gentle on the fish and at the same time are easier to pierce. The eye of the hook is narrowed on one side so that it fits more easily on the ring and at the same time does not damage the ring by great expansion. The treble hooks are designed for light and medium spinning, with an emphasis on low weight, extreme sharpness and the weakest possible wire diameter, while maintaining the highest possible strength. Made in Japan!

Package contains 8 pcs.

Size Weight Pieces in package
#8 0.28 g 8
#7 0.34 g 8
#6 0.42 g 8
#5 0.50 g 6
#3 0.80 g 6
#2 1.05 g 4